A group of prominent businessmen set out to establish The Al Ansaar Foundation in 1994 in the hope of uplifting and improving the community.

While there were already other organisations in existence, these visionaries understood that it was their duty to address issues which they felt had been neglected. Therefore, The Al Ansaar Foundation was established to form an infrastructure to restore values and practices among South Africans and ultimately to reach communities. As a result, society will be more enlightened, educated and informed, thus empowering people to become active members of their respective communities.

The Al Ansaar Foundation has grown to achieve a track record of being one of the most progressive and active organisations in South Africa. Since 1994, the Al Ansaar Foundation has established steadfast projects to assist and aid both Islamic and Non-Islamic Communities such as:

  • Radio Al Ansaar
  • Al Ansaar Souk Trade Fair
  • Ibn Masud Centre of Excellence
  • Al Ansaar Book and Media Centre
  • Mariam Bee Sultan Pre School and Montessori
  • Etazkiyyah Centres for Learning
  • Eid Feeding Schemes (Outreach Programme)
  • Seminars (Hajj/ Umrah included)
  • Wheelchair & Walking Aid Distribution Programmes
  • Cancer Support Group
  • Disaster Relief Programmes
  • Blanket Drives
  • Adult and children diaper drives

To create an enlightened, informed, educated and active community in South Africa.

To promote education and guidance at all levels of society in order to develop individuals who are fully equipped to meet the challenges facing modern society and the transformations taking place on the African continent.

Executive Board of Trustees

Management Committee